Your Surroundings Reflect Who You Are!

How a room is designed speaks volume about the person or people who stay in it. Quiet corners for the much-needed reprieve from hectic daily activities show you're a private person. Well designed living room show you're a highly sociable person who enjoy welcoming guests into your home. 

The fact is our surroundings reflect who we are.

What is your surrounding like? Are you proud of it? We all should be our own INSPIRATION when designing our homes. Here's a few simple tips to guide you along in your home design.

1. Don't worry about what others will think. Surround yourself with things in the room that will make you happy. It could be your kids' photos, your grandma's old radio, your travel souvenirs.

2. Buy things you can't bear to walk away from. It's better to have so-called “bad" taste than no taste at all.

3. Fill up your home with things that will help you make new fond memories.

4. Use lights to create the ambience you want, whether bright lights to create a positive feel or dim lights to create a peaceful feel.

5. Take time to see what's out there. To understand what you like, what inspires you, what makes you happy. Don't be rushed into making a decision.

6. Finally, follow your heart. It's YOUR home, do it YOUR way.