1. Measure From Existing Curtain Fixture
    2. Some existing home windows already has curtain fixture installed. If customer do not want to change to new curtain fixture; measurement only need to be taken from the existing fixture. There are few types of Curtain Fixtures:
    1. Curtain Track (Super / Curve)
    2. Wooden Rod / Metal Pole
    3. Roman Blinds / Venetian Blinds / Wooden Blinds / Roller Blinds
      1. Curtain Track
        • Width (1A)– measure width of track from left end to right end.
        • Full Height/ Length (1B)measure from the top of the track to the floor, this will allow the track to be covered by the curtain.
        • Half Height/ Length (1C)measure from the top of the track the bottom of window sill.
      1. Wooden Pole/ Metal Pole
        • Width (2A)measure the width of the pole between the finials.
        • Full Length / Height (2B)measure from below the wooden / metal ring to the floor, to allow the pole to be seen above the curtain.

For Tab Top /Eyelet / Slot-in / Hidden Tab Curtains

measure from the top of the pole to the floor.

        • Half Length / Height (2C)

measure from the top of the track the bottom of window sill.

      1. Roman Blinds/ Venetian Blinds/ Wooden Blinds /Roller Blinds
        • Width– measure the width of the window frame / blind mechanism track.
        • Height/ Length– measure from the top of blind mechanism track to bottom of blind.
    1. Measure Bare Window (No Fixture Installed)

When measurement is taken from a bare window, details of surrounding situations should be taking into considerations. For instance, wall space for left and right side of window, position of Air-Cond. / Light Point, etc.

Basically, there is a few measurement is require to measure a bare window:

        1. Below Ceiling / Cornice / Air-Cond. to the Floor
          • To measure from below Ceiling/ Cornice/ Air-Cond. to the Floor.
        1. Wall Space above Window
          • Wall space above window means from below Ceiling / Cornice/ Air-Cond. to Top of Window Sill.
          • To measure from ceiling / cornice/ Air-Cond. to top of window sill is to determine the curtain fixture that suitable to be installed at the window.
          • Wooden pole cannot be installed for window that have less than 3" or 8cm space from ceiling / cornice /Air-Cond. to top of window frame. This is because more space is needed for the wooden bracket to be mount on the wall.
          • If there is no space at all from the ceiling to top of window frame, the only curtain fixture can be used is super track with ceiling bracket.
          • If there is no space left from the cornice to top of window, bracket might need to be installed on the frame, as nothing can be mount to the cornice.
          • The minimum space above window frame must be at least 10” (25cm) in order to fix a wooden rod and super track.
        1. Window / Door Frame
          • Window Width: To measure from left to right from the frame.
          • Window Height: To measure from top of window frame to bottom sill
        1. Available Wall Space
          • To measure from the left side and right side of window frame to the wall.
          • To ensure sufficient space available for decorative finials, rosette and tie-back hook (if customer required to install wooden rod / metal pole, rosette or tie-back hook).
    • For window that do not have any space at both side, we called it ‘wall-to-wall’ window.

5. Bay Window

        • Width of bay window to measure the 3 bay which includes left, middle and right.
        • In the measurement form, measurer has to clearly stated down the 3 sizes. For example: 30”+55”+30” (76cm+140cm+76cm).
        • These 3 measurements should NOT be added together as 1 measurement.
        • There will only be 1 measurement for the height as most bay window are normally at same level unless it’s different then require to measure accordingly.
      1. Casement Window
        • It is necessary to measure the width of casement window from top, middle and bottom or 3 points measurement.
        • After measuring the width from the top, middle and bottom part of the casement window, select only the smallest size to fill into the measurement form.
        • The same method will be used to measure the height for casement window too. Where we need to take the measurement from the left, centre and right side of the window height, then, select the smallest measurement.